The Wawel Cathedral Audioguided Tour


Join us for an extraordinary audioguided tour of Wawel Cathedral! Visit this magnificent church of the highest historical significance, where Polish rulers were crowned. Experience a moment of contemplation surrounded by majestic architecture and the richness of art that brings life to the interiors of this extraordinary place.

As you stroll through the cathedral, you cannot miss the Tombs of Kings, where the rulers who once governed Poland are laid to rest. Each tomb tells its own story of power, legacy, and tradition, inviting you to reflect on the passage of time and national heritage.

For those eager to delve into the secrets of the cathedral, we offer an option to explore the Cathedral Museum with an audio guide. Discover the fascinating history and artistry hidden behind every corner of this unique place, uncovering countless treasures of culture and art.

Join us for an audioguided tour of Wawel Cathedral and immerse yourself in the history, tradition, and beauty of this symbolic place that has attracted crowds from around the world for centuries.



Starting time: 10:00, 14:30
Where do we meet? Grodzka 62, 33-332 Kraków, Square at the foot of Wawel Castle
Duration: 1,5-2 h

Availibility: Monday – Friday


  • Audioguide in choosen language: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech
  • Entrance ticket to the Cathedral
  • Free cancelation 24h prior

You will see:

  • Magnificent Wawel Cathedral – a church of the highest historical significance, where Polish rulers were crowned
  • Tombs of Kings
  • Optionally: Cathedral Museum (recorded in audio)